Alex Casares, Photographer
My camera is my time machine, my paint and brush with which I can create a glimpse into the past for future generations to ponder. My subject matter is life and my passion is to freeze those special moments for all to enjoy.
From the time I first picked up a camera I was addicted to the ability to create photographic stories of people and events I come across throughout my day.
My chosen genre in photography is Street Photography and Documentary Photography; though I personally feel they are one in the same.  I love documenting my life experiences with my camera (a day with my family, a walk with my wife, a stroll down a busy street, a day at work, a parade or festival) no matter what the day has in store I want to capture that moment in time with an artistic style and create a photograph I can be proud of.
Photographers who I admire and have inspired me- Robert Frank, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Garry Winogrand, Vivian Maier, and Robert Capa are just a few of my favorites.
I am a self-taught photographer and have been developing my skills with digital and analog photography for several years.
I have shot freelance and have been published several times in our small town newspaper The San Manuel Miner.
In addition to street photography I also shoot portraits, pet photography and special events.
I am currently working on three personal projects.
Beautiful People – This is a series of street portraits of random people I find have a unique look and style to them. My goal is to show how beautiful and special all human beings are regardless of class and stature. This project is on-going.
Dog Dayz  - This is a series of Street Style photos I've been working on the last few years.I want to show the love and connection between humans and dogs. No matter your race , gender or economic situation. Dogs don't care all they want is your love. We as humans could learn a lot from our pups . I hope you enjoy my series as much as I love working on it.
Pinal County Public Works - This is a series of photos documenting my career with Pinal County. My goal with this project is to capture some of my experiences throughout my years of service with the many different people and projects within Pinal County Public Works.  This will allow future generations an opportunity to view through my photos the many changes that occurred within Pinal County Public Works during my career. This project will be on-going throughout my career.

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