Here are a few reviews posted on my Facebook Page by some of my clients.

He's like a ninja! He gets the best candid shots and you never even realize he's capturing them. He's got every tool necessary to get the best shot so he's always prepared. He's the best!
Heather Wyko.
One of the hardest working men out there, constantly educating himself, learning new techniques and trades to create the best piece of art! Pictures are absolutely amazing, with his ability to capture ,love ,happiness, romance, adventures and many more moments like this that you would want to last forever and now you can hang them up on your wall for years to come! All around fantastic photographer and artist!
Alexia Smith.
There is no length that Alex won't go to for that perfect shot! Whether he is lying in a cactus or capturing headshots in his studio, the level of detail and dedication to his art is uncanny. Looking forward to many more photos of my wife done by this Tucson/Oracle treasure.
Don't wait, call him now and set up a shoot!
Jeff Dorfman.
I have had the pleasure of being photographed by Alex multiple times. He has such talent and passion for photography, it really shows through his images! He has a way of bringing a picture to life by capturing each raw moment. He is also very professional! I highly recommend checking him out! You won’t be disappointed.

Halley Dorfman.
Alex is a natural photography guru! His humbling professionalism is natural! The photos he captures are beautiful & his eye for ALL things beautiful is like no other! 
Erin Kaber.
Alex shot pics for a pre wedding party for my daughter, I was stunned at not only the quality of the photos, but the emotion of the people he caught in the pictures. These photo's will be cherished for generations. Well done Alex.
Bill Wyko.
Alex is not only extremely talented, but compassionate and caring. He has donated countless hours capturing images of shelter animals in an effort to find them homes and get them out. We all know a picture says a thousand words, and for those that have no voice, his service and work has helped save many lives as well as help rescues find homes for those dogs they have taken in. His talent helps capture the dogs and cats essence. If you browse through his albums, you can also find some beautiful and mezmorizing images of horses. Absolutely outstanding!
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